Locking Connector L14-30R
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Locking Connector L14-30R
3 Pole, 4 Wire, 30A, 125/250V AC


Product Specification
 Leviton  2713
Product Item Twist-Lock Connector
Wiring Scheme 3 Pole, 4 Wire Grounding
Amperage 30A
Voltage 125/250V AC
NEMA Configuration L14-30R
Color Black
Blade Holder Material Gray Polycarbonate
Terminal Retainer Material Clear Polycarbonate
Housing Material Black Nylon
Cord Clamp Material Black Nylon
Blade Material Brass
Terminal Screw Material #10-32 Solid Brass
Ground Screw Material #10-32 Solid Brass (Green)
Listings UL/cUL E237606


i.e. L5-15R
L=Locking (While it's blank, it means non-locking)
5=120V AC (While 6=240V AC and 14=120/240V AC)
15=15 AMPS (While 20=20AMPS, 30=30AMPS, and 50=60AMPS)
R=C=Connector (While P=Plug)

  • Item #: Nema L14-30R

Locking Connector L14-30R

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